CALM Reading School 1E

Reading school pupils enjoy fun activities to learn about air quality

  • New air quality education programme being rolled out to Reading schools
  • Pupils taking part in fun, interactive sessions to learn about air quality
  • Reading schools are invited to register for free sessions for their pupils

A new air quality education programme is starting to be rolled out to schools across Reading.

The initiative, called Clean Air Living Matters (CALM), aims to raise awareness of poor air quality and increase knowledge of its causes, impacts and solutions with pupils and staff in schools.

The programme is being offered to schools in the borough for free after the Council secured £327,000 funding from the government’s annual Air Quality Grant.

Reading Council is working with the University of Reading, engineering consultancy Stantec and social enterprise Design Nature to deliver sessions to primary and secondary schools until April 2025

The programme can be designed to fit around a school’s curriculum and can include assemblies, activity days and workshops with support from air quality experts as part of term-length project.

Those schools taking part are supplied with equipment which can be used to monitor air quality in and around the school. Pupils are shown how to use the equipment and understand what the data means.

The project also aims to spread awareness of air quality issues beyond schools and into local communities.

The CALM team recently delivered sessions at Geoffrey Field Junior School (pictured below) and at Reading School (pictured above).

CALM Geoffrey Field-2

Teacher Kim Schwarz, from Geoffrey Field Junior School, said:

 “The children were engaged, excited and responsive to the CALM initiative, and we look forward to continuing to work with the team, bringing our data to life and encouraging improvement in the school air quality and air quality for all.”

Cllr John Ennis, Lead Councillor for Climate Strategy and Transport, said:

“It is great to see that Reading school children are enjoying these fun and interactive activities while learning about the importance of air quality.

“The Council is committed to improving air quality around the borough by investing in a number of sustainable transport schemes to encourage drivers to switch to public transport, cycling and walking.

“We hope the young people lucky enough to take part in these lessons will be inspired to talk to their families and friends about the causes of poor air quality and what we can all do to help prevent it.

“Teachers involved so far have been full of praise for the free sessions and I would encourage other Reading schools to take up this excellent offer."

Any Reading borough schools interested in finding out more about the CALM programme can visit: