Residential And Main Roads To Benefit From First Phase of Council Resurfacing

SIX RESIDENTIAL ROADS across Reading will be resurfaced in the first week of September, concluding the Council’s 2019 road resurfacing programme which was carried over until this year.

The work on residential streets begins on Thursday 3 September, and will be complemented by 16 sections of main roads in Reading Borough also being improved through resurfacing over the next two months. The two projects combined will total over £1m of improvements, funded by the Department for Transport, as part of the Local Transport Plan. The residential roads project will see the six minor roads resurfaced over two days, totalling over 10,000m2. Weather permitting, these works will be completed by the end of Friday 4 September, with the road markings and raising of any iron works to follow under localised traffic management. The work was delayed from 2019 due to poor weather, and subsequently held up from being completed earlier this year by the coronavirus pandemic. One other road, Deacon Way, requires a more comprehensive resurfacing treatment so will be completed along with the main road programme. The main road improvements will take place from September to early November, in the Council’s annual summer programme of resurfacing major roads. More than 56,500m2 of road surface across the Borough will be renewed during the 8-week programme of work. The confirmed list of roads to be repaired is below, with the programme dates yet to be finalised. The two resurfacing projects will then be followed by a major £9m investment of Council funds in road surface improvements which will begin in the autumn and last for three years, with details of the first phase of this set to be released next month. Cllr Tony Page, Reading Borough Council’s Lead Member for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport said:

These works on both main and residential roads are the beginning of a large commitment from Reading Borough Council to enhancing the quality of our local streets. The Council has responded to understandable concerns about the condition of our streets and the £9m Council investment in residential road improvements to follow will benefit all of Reading’s road users”.

Advance notices of the main road closures will be in place a week before the works commence in each road, and locally signed diversion routes will operate. Notification letters will also be sent to local residents and businesses affected by the resurfacing, with Kiely Bros Ltd the appointed contractors for both projects. For the residential roads, advance notices will be in place before works commence on any road. Notification letters will also be delivered to nearby residents and businesses affected, detailing the timing and duration of the works. All roads will be closed to carry out the works and signed diversions will be in place where possible. Work will commence at 8.00 am each day and finish by 5.00pm. More than one road will be surfaced each day so starting and finishing times on each road will vary.   Residential roads to be resurfaced (with dates): 3rd September: Axbridge Road, Blenheim Road, Collis Street 4th September: Garston Close, Gratwicke Road, Inkpen Close Deacon Way will be resurfaced at a later date alongside the main road schedule as it requires a more comprehensive treatment   Main roads to be resurfaced (dates to be confirmed): Shinfield Road From Pepper Lane for 300 metres south Basingstoke Road Sections from Buckland Road to 50 metres south of Callington Road Whitley Wood Lane Sections from Basingstoke Road to Whitley Wood Road roundabout Basingstoke Road Sections from Rose Kiln Lane to Winchester Road Portman Road From Ashmere Terrace for 400 metres west London Road From Craven Road to Redlands Road Erleigh Road From Alexandra Road to Addington Road Bath Road Sections from Liebenrood Road to Parkside Road London Road From Cholmeley Road to A3290 Bath Road From Berkeley Avenue to Downshire Square West Caversham Park Road Sections from Lowfield Road to Bramber Mews Gosbrook Road Sections from George Street to Star Road Caversham Park Road From 100 metres north of Kingsway (northern entrance) to Littlestead Close Overdown Road From Carlisle Road to Oxford Road roundabout Lower Elmstone Drive From Pierces Hill to Chapel Hill Upper Woodcote Road From Crispin Close to Borough boundary