Council Warning on Blue Badge Fraud

Reading Borough Council is warning that it will take swift action where people are found abusing or misusing the disabled parking badge scheme.

Since April 2015, the Council has successfully prosecuted 9 people for Blue Badge fraud. In the same period, the Council has also removed a total of 17 Blue Badges from circulation because of misuse of the badges, and issued a total of 24 penalty charge notices. Following the latest successful prosecution for Blue Badge fraud, which took place at Reading Magistrates Court on November 23rd, Reading Borough Council is reiterating that it will not hesitate to take action where people are found to be committing fraud or abusing the system. Cllr Tony Page

Councillor Tony Page, Reading Borough Council’s Lead Member for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport, said:

“The Blue Badge scheme is in place to help provide freedom for people with limited mobility by allowing them to park close to their homes or their destination. Blue Badge misuse undermines the system and takes spaces away from those who genuinely need them. “Reading Borough Council regularly carries out successful prosecutions for Blue Badge fraud, contrary to recent media reports suggesting it doesn’t. “Prosecutions of this type are of course resource intensive, in terms of gathering the necessary evidence and proving intent, and can take many months to get to court. The Council will also remove inappropriately used Blue Badges from circulation and where necessary fine those who are found to be misusing a blue badge.”