Council Providing Free Parking for RBH Staff at Queen's Road Car Park

READING Borough Council is making free parking available at Queen's Road Car Park to Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH) staff for the duration of the COVID 19 response.

Queen's Road Car Park is a short walk from the RBH. By making the free parking spaces available, the Council hopes to make it easier and quicker for NHS staff to get to and from work. At this time around 150 bays have been freed up for hospital staff, but that number will be increased as necessary and in consultation with the RBH. The car park works on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. The Council has asked RBH for a list of vehicle registration numbers so that they can be used to allow NHS staff to enter the car park and park for free. RBH staff will be allowed to park at Queen's Road car park for as long as they need to and without charge. Cllr Tony Page

Tony Page, Lead Councillor for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport at Reading Borough Council, said:

“We are all full of admiration for the heroic job Royal Berkshire Hospital staff - and NHS staff everywhere - are doing in response.

“By making free parking available for RBH staff at Queen's Road Car Park for as long as is needed, we hope to make it easier for essential NHS staff to get to and from work, and also to get home to their own loved ones at this extremely difficult time.

“At this time up to 150 free parking spaces will be set aside for RBH staff, but that number will be kept under constant review and we are in contact with RBH operational colleagues throughout.”